A startup studio specializing in ecommerce, retail, productivity, health and wellness products while being humane, fair and conscious of our impact on the environment and all the beings around us.


Our work and passion is to use technology to make life better and work easier and faster. We're a principals-based organization and strive to live our principles every day! Some days we're more successful than others but we never stop working to improve.


What we do & how we do it

Our life evolves around solving problems and making the world better using software. In the process we use and develop principals and tools to facilitate the work in the most efficient and effective way.

We utilize in-house and external tools to build integrated systems for our work including Day 1 and experimentation systems, PLG (Product-Led Growth) design, OKRs and KPI, lean, agile and microservices (MSA). The balancing factors between speed and success metrics is an ongoing evolution and we love to partner with fair-minded people and groups.

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Visional Commerce

Shop local with live video and human experts.


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The premier local marketplace for jewelry


Terminator for experiments.

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What is ecommerce product management and what product managers working in ecommerce companies work on?

Traditionally all ecommerce functions in DTC brands and retailers have been managed by ecommerce operations and marketing. Hypothesis: this structure leaves a gap in having a focused and sustained eye on specific growth related activities required for a thriving ecommerce business and...


How to use Product-Led-Growth for Direct-To-Consumer ecommerce and retail

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) companies are great at creating unique products and building brands around the products. Unfortunately, the majority of DTC companies believe that what they actually sell is their only product and this is where growth and margin expectation usually fail. If...


Welcome to the Age of No-Code News

There's no shortage of content and opinion on why news is becoming a problem in today's world. From Fake news and clickbait to content farms, editorial bias and channel responsibility the issues seem to be getting bigger, not smaller. Looking at...