We are mastering rapid innovation by building and launching multiple new products every year.

About us

InfiniVentures Labs is a Startup Venture Studio based in Southern California.  We ideate, experiment, build and launch software products address problem areas we find interesting and important.>

Our main themes of investment and products are retail and ecommerce tech and work productivity.

Some of the principals we practice and learn about daily:

1. Being a "day 1" organization and living a "day 1" life.

2. Using microservices and agile methodologies to build better software, and not creating "SUC"y code and products. [SUC stands for Single Use Case]

3. Giving before Getting and paying forward the gift's we've received.
Have you heard of those people who always want to take before contributing? Well, you're not going to find them here, and we look for others who truly practice the same.

4. Politics are the poison of work (and life), so we have an #antipolitic culture.
People who play chess with relationships have different inputs and outputs into their life than we do, and are usually not happy!  We like to be straight up and real.  People who are looking out for themselves before thinking about the product have to play the politics game and will not be very happy in our camp. In other words we look for #WeFirst mindsets vs. #MeFirst.

You may have seen organizations just throw out goals and principals and not follow them.   You'd be wrong to assume the same in our case.  We live our principles, every day!  And we're not afraid of challenging them to improve.

It's not just words, but actions which matter! Our guiding mantra tells us that our footprint and impact on the world and its beings must be positive.  This means being humane, fair, environmentally and socially conscious while continuously working on integrating our values into our products.


Darius speaks with super-angel Jason Calacanis on the Startup Studio model and funding options in Silicon Valley