Consulting Services

Having built and delivered hundreds of digital products, projects and experiences the InfiniVentures team has a deep knowledge of how the organization of the 21st century can be continuously innovative in products and the teams who build and run the products.

We also provide some in-house services to external companies specially in the opportunity development and growth, retail-tech, live commerce and product ideation and experimentation spaces.

The work we do is based on actually building and operating complex applications from startups to full-cycle multi-million dollar delivery and 100+ teams in the enterprise. We build, grow and operate companies not just advise others and are deep in the trenches working with client teams as well as higher level on strategy and planning with the executive teams and boards.

Product Led Assestment

How viral is your product by design? The best marketing is when the usage of the product contributes to the growth of key metrics. Get an objective expert assessment of your existing products and start focusing on the features with the highest ROI.

Live Commerce Advisory

Live Commerce is a new online channel to serve consumers. Being one of the earliest in the space we'll guide you to find the best options.

Team performance and growth

We'll help set up your product team for success with the right ongoing mentorship, eductation, support and training.

Fully contained build and deliver

Our complete scrum teams design, construct and delivery your requirements without taking your team from their core work, and at half the cost of large consultancies.

Idea and experiment design system

Our custom stack we will get your team to a robust and high quality ideation and experiment design flow with metrics, analytics, automation and integration.

Democratic Roadmap Consulting

More democratic roadmaps operate more efficiently and faster! We'll guide and mentor your team with the right process and tools with full reporting to measure progress.

Digital Product Management training

Product management is changing at the speed of Internet. How do you keep your team on top of their game, and convince the best to join you?