Press release - EyeOnJewels launching the first local jewelry marketplace in the US


Press Release

US consumers can now shop from hundreds of local jewelry stores and brands in the first local Jewelry marketplace.

January 2020, Aliso Viejo, CA. EyeOnJewels has launched the first local online marketplace for jewelry to in the US.  Using consumers can now find their favorite fine jewelry and watch products from local and vetted jewelers and receive the service and support unmatched by online stores all while supporting their local community. 

As a managed B2C marketplace EyeOnJewels only sell products from verified and certified retail stores utilizing the decades of experience in jewelry design, manufacturing and customer service stacked up in every jewelry store while adding marketplace protection to provide consumers additional levels of protection.

In addition shoppers can add items from different jewelry retailers to their cart and pay for them all at once and build up loyalty points they can use on items from any store in the future.

EyeOnJewels CEO, Darius Vasefi stated “shoppers can now purchase products from multiple stores in a streamlined experience and without having to find, browse and search tens of different websites all with different features, return and shipping policies, warranties and support, not to mention multiple search and shipping experiences on each different website.” 

Jewelry search and discovery is starting more and more online (over 75%) but the sale the services and trust of a local jeweler is superior and consumers still want to have the optionality to see and feel the items in person or handle any returns, exchanges, re-sizing, upgrades in person.

EyeOnJewels standardizes the discovery, shopping, verification and support features so consumers are safer and have less risk and don’t have to spend days searching all over the web looking for the products they are looking for.

“And for retailers the managed marketplace adds a superior ROI of selling online to local consumers at a fraction of cost and energy of trying to do it themselves and a lot less risk and headache. Jewelers can focus on what they love and do best, creating wonderful pieces of art, while partnering with EyeOnJewels to handle the online sales” added Vasefi.  

The large majority of jewelry stores who setup their own e-commerce website spend tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in investment, countless hours in startup and maintenance while making very few sales from their website.  This is because selling online is increasingly challenging for small operations and it simply does not work out for them!  

EyeOnJewels removes a significant cost item from the Jewelry stores’ budget while providing access to a growing channel creating a win-win solution for shoppers and retailers. The result of this usually futile effort is that more and more jewelry retailers take on additional stress and expenses leading to lower profitability and ultimately more un-necessary store closures. 

Since soft-launching in September EyeOnJewels has amassed over $5 Million in gross merchandise value (GMV) and the numbers are growing every week.  Consumers can now purchase items from hundreds of retail stores across the US from a unified experience.


Twenty five years after the invention of online commerce there is a mis-conception in many minds, specially luxury goods, that local shopping is only in person.  However, consumer trends are changing this thought and quickly. From grocery to pharmacy to automotive and furniture shoppers just don’t have the time to visit the retail stores as much as in the past, and this is a growing trend. They still want the benefits of online commerce, when it serves them, but prefer local stores if they can get the quality and value and service.  This is evidenced by actions of the largest e-commerce company in the US, in purchasing Whole Foods, experimenting with Amazon Go and their own bricks-and-mortar bookstores and new launching a new grocery chain.  

-- is the first local online B2C marketplace focused on Jewelry products. Based in Aliso Viejo, CA EyeOnJewels offers tens of thousands of products from hundreds of jewelry stores and brands in a unified, simple and safe experience to shoppers.